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  • Dictionary for a Better World #ARC Review

    How can we make the world a better place? This inspiring resource for middle-grade readers is organized as a dictionary; each entry presents a word related to creating a better world, such as ally, empathy, or respect. For each word, there is a poem, a quote from an inspiring person, a personal anecdote from the authors, and a "try it" prompt for an activity.

    This second poetic collaboration from Irene Latham and Charles Waters builds upon themes of diversity and inclusiveness from their previous book Can I Touch Your Hair? Poems of Race, Mistakes, and Friendship. Illustrations from Iranian-British artist Mehrdokht Amini offer readers a rich visual experience.


    Creative, engaging and great for both kids and adults. The book already begins with an acrostic of the alphabet and the letters bring poems about a theme that begins with that letter. Graphics complete the experience along with a great teaser from one of the authors and a Try it.
    I loved it


    Criativo, envolvente e ótimo para crianças e adultos. O livro já começa com um acróstico do alfabeto e as letras trazem poemas sobre um tema que começa com essa letra. Os gráficos completam a experiência, juntamente com um ótimo teaser de um dos autores e um Try it.
    Eu amei a experiência.

    5/5 estrelas

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