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  • The Phantom of the Opera #Review

    Deep beneath the Paris Opera House, a masked man lives in silence…
    Every night at the Palais Garnier, hundreds of guests sit on the edge of velvet-covered seats, waiting for prima donna La Carlotta to take the stage. But when her voice fails her, La Carlotta is replaced with unknown understudy Christine Daaé, a young soprano whose vibrant singing fills every corner of the house and wins her a slew of admirers, including an old childhood friend who soon professes his love for her. But unknown to Christine is another man, who lurks out of sight behind the heavy curtains of the opera, who can move about the building undetected, who will do anything to make sure Christine will keep singing just for him…
    This curated edition of The Phantom of the Opera, based on the original 1911 English translation by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos, brings an iconic story of love and obsession to today's readers and illuminates the timeless appeal of Leroux's masterpiece.


    First of all, I never thought that this book was historical romance, I already knew the inspiration that comes from the Paris Opera but I never imagined the richness of cultural, social and historical details used in a clear and well-described way by the author. Gaston Leroux presents artist names and real moments in such a way that you believe the whole story is real as well. It manages to transport the reader to that mid-nineteenth-century universe and makes all the questions about the ghost and its myth.

    Second, I also did not imagine it to be, in a way, a policial book that the writer was influenced by, nothing less than, Arthur Conan Doyle and is narrated exactly by an investigator who unearths a process related to all the mysterious events that plagued the  Opera and spawned the legend of the Phantom. Each element is presented at the right time to cause some tension and suspense and impact on the reader's mind.

    Thirdly, I've always been an unconditional fan of the Ghost and never had any big empathy for the main couple, but as I read, I was able to understand better all the consequences of the villain's actions, to understand all the purity  of the love of the three characters, and come to the conclusion that, as Father Joaozinho would say, it doesn't matter so much how you think about an issue, but what you do concretely with what you think. The Phantom really did a lot of bad things and even though he had redeemed himself and the investigator went deep to explain his behavior, my empathy diminished considerably (a pity), but my love for the story increased exponentially.

    5/5 stars

    Release date Jan 7th 2020

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