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  • How to Love a Duke in Ten Days # Blog Tour

    How to Love a Duke in Ten Days by Kerrigan Byrne

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    These men are dark, bold, and brave. And there is only one woman who can bring them to their knees...
    Famed and brilliant, Lady Alexandra Lane has always known how to look out for to herself. But nobody
    would ever expect that she has darkness in her past—one that she pays a blackmailer to keep buried.
    Now, with her family nearing bankruptcy, Alexandra strikes upon a solution: Get married to one of the
    empire’s most wealthy eligible bachelors. Even if he does have the reputation of a devil.
    Piers Gedrick Atherton, the Duke of Redmayne, is seeking revenge and the first step is securing a bride.
    Winning a lady’s hand is not so easy, however, for a man known as the Terror of Torcliff. Then,
    Alexandra enters his life like a bolt of lightning. When she proposes marriage, Piers knows that, like him,
    trouble haunts her footsteps. But her gentleness, sharp wit, independent nature, and incredible beauty
    awakens every fierce desire within him. He will do whatever it takes to keep her safe in his arms.

    Author Bio:
    Whether she’s writing about Celtic Druids, Victorian bad boys, or brash Irish FBI Agents, USA
    Today bestseller Kerrigan Byrne uses her borderline-obsessive passion for history, her extensive Celtic
    ancestry, and her love of Shakespeare in every book. She lives at the base of the Rocky Mountains with
    her handsome husband and three lovely teenage girls, but dreams of settling on the Pacific Coast. Her
    Victorian Rebels novels include The Highwayman and The Highlander.

    Chapter One

    Maynemouth, Devonshire, 1890
    Ten years later

    Accept the invitation to Castle Redmayne.
    I’m in danger. I need you.—Frank
    Alexandra Lane had spent the entire train ride from Lon-
    don to Devonshire meticulously pondering those fourteen
    words for two separate reasons.
    The first, she had been unable to stop fretting for Fran-
    cesca, who tended to give more than the appropriate
    amount of context. The terse, vague note Alexandra now
    held was more of a warning than the message contained
    The second, she could no longer afford a first-class, pri-
    vate railcar, and had, for the last several tense hours, been
    forced to share her vestibule face-to-face with a rough-
    featured, stocky man with shoulders made for labor.

    26 kerrigan byrne
    He’d attempted polite conversation at first, which she’d
    rebuffed with equal civility by feigning interest in her cor-
    respondence. By now, however, they were both painfully
    aware she needn’t take four stops to read two letters.
    It was terribly rude, she knew. Her carpetbag remained
    clutched in her fist the entire time, except when her hand
    would wander into its depths to palm the tiny pistol she
    always carried. The sounds of the other passengers in ad-
    joining vestibules didn’t make her feel safer, per se.
    But she knew they would hear her scream, and that pro-
    vided some relief.
    For a woman who’d spent a great deal of the last ten
    years in the company of men, she’d thought these painful
    moments would have relented by now.
    Alas, she’d become a mistress of manipulating a situa-
    tion so, even if she had to endure the company of men
    without a female companion, there would be more than
    one man. In the circles she tended to frequent, people be-
    haved when in company.
    It had worked thus far.
    Alexandra braced herself against the slowing of the
    train, breathing a silent prayer of relief that they’d finally
    arrived. She’d been terrified that if she’d glanced up once,
    she’d be forced into conversation with her unwanted com-
    Rain wept against the coach window, and the shadows
    of the tears painted macabre little serpents on the conflict-
    ing documents in her hands. One, a wedding invitation.
    The other, Francesca’s alarming note.
    A month past, she’d have wagered her entire inheritance
    against Francesca Cavendish’s being the first of the Red
    Rogues to capitulate to the bonds of matrimony.
    A month past, she’d assumed she’d had an inheritance
    to wager.

    Their little society had seemed destined to live up to the
    promise they’d once made as young, disenchanted girls to
    never marry.
    Until the invitation to an engagement masquerade—
    given by the Duke of Redmayne—had arrived the same
    day of her friend’s cryptic and startling note.
    The invitation had been equally as ambiguous, stating
    that the future duchess of Redmayne would be unveiled,
    as it were, at the ball. Included in Alexandra’s particular
    envelope was a request for her to attend as a bridesmaid.
    The subsequent plea for help from Francesca—Frank—
    had arrived in a tiny envelope with the Red Rogue seal
    they’d commissioned some years prior.
    Alexandra hadn’t even known Francesca had returned
    from her romps about the Continent. Last she’d heard, the
    countess had been in Morocco, doing reconnaissance of
    some sort. Nothing in her letters had mentioned a suitor.
    Not a serious one, in any case. Certainly not a duke.
    Francesca had a talent for mischief and a tendency to
    interpret danger as mere adventure.
    So, what could possibly frighten her fearless friend?
    Marriage, obviously, Alexandra thought with a smirk.
    A risky venture, to be sure.

    From How to Love a Duke in Ten Days.
    Copyright © 2019 by Kerrigan Byrne and reprinted with
    permission from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

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