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  • All Grown Up #sneak peek

    Excited about Vi Keeland’s upcoming release, All GrownUp?
    Check out this SNEAK PEEK

    Eve’s face flashed on the screen, and I swiped toanswer.
    “Give me all the details.”
    I shook my head repeatedly, even though shecouldn’t see me. “It was horrible.”
    “What happened? What did the bastard do to you?I’ll cut his balls off.”
    Eve’s response made me smile for the first timesince I’d laid eyes on my date. “No. It wasn’t that kind ofhorrible. He was a perfect gentleman.”
    “Very sweet and funny, too.”
    “Sounds awful,” she said sarcastically.
    “And gorgeous.”
    “The balls on him.”
    “That’s not the worst part.”
    “Let’s see…he’s young,gorgeous, sweet, and funny. What could be worse than that? He’s hung like ahorse?”
    “I wouldn’t know. And you know why Idon’t know that?”
    “Because you’re an uptight prude whohasn’t been laid in years?”
    “That might be true. But the larger problem is thathe is one of Ryan’s friends.”
    Eve cackled. “That’s not a problem,that’s fantastic! Bang his brains out and send him to play golfwith your ex. Let him eat his heart out when he realizes what he lost.”
    “Ummm…Eve, I wasn’t talking aboutmy ex, Ryan. I was talking about my son.”
    “I’ll be over in twentyminutes.”


    Excited? We are too!

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