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  • The Boyfriend Bid #ARC Review

    Sarah Campbell’s never bid in her high school's charity auction to win a date with one of the school's hottest guys. And she’s certainly not going to start now—when she’s still hurting over a bad breakup. The absolute last thing she’d ever do is bid on Mr. Ego himself, Chance DuPont.
    Chance just wanted to help out a worthy cause, not get roped into not one but six dates with someone who seemingly can’t stand him. But when Sarah’s friends bid on him on her behalf, that’s exactly where he ends up. Now a local blog is covering the story by following them on all their dates, too?
    Seems like everyone loves a good love story—except the two living it.
    Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains one fender-bender meet-cute, two well-meaning best friends, and endless steamy moments. It may inspire you to plan your own six dates with someone special!
    Each book in the Girlfriend Request series is STANDALONE:
    * The Girlfriend Request
    * The Boyfriend Bid


    "And they represent me choosing you.”

    I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
    I'm a fan of Crush's books, and this time it exceeded my expectations. The book brings a story exactly the way I like, full of doubts, romantic moments, moments that I wanted to get in the story and shake the couple, moments of pure emotion.
    Sarah is a sweet girl, loyal, studious and determined to attend a good university but that dream is harder to reach than she imagined. She is trying to recover after her ex-boyfriend broke her heart and the last thing she needs now is to fall in love with the new boy at school.
    Chance was transferred from another city after a difficult time in his old school. His focus now is to study, dedicate himself to the soccer team and work, everything to please his father who is never satisfied and always blame him for everything. When he learns which institution would benefit from a charity auction at the school, he agrees to have a few meetings auctioned. What he did not imagine was that the girl who would win would be the one capable to change everything he thinks he wants.
    At first, it was difficult to get along but gradually at each date they are fond of each other and begin to wonder if the other feels the same connection. Their dates are a little crazy because of some blog post between but are very beautiful, Chance is a perfect and extremely romantic boy who almost makes me enter the book and steal him for me.
    I loved their interaction with their friends and the way the writer best conquered the point of conflict. It was light and cute read, perfect for sunny, warm evenings.
    The only thing I would change in the book would be the cover that in no way matches the love story of Chance and Sarah.

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