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  • Air Kiss #Review

    Air Kiss: A Running on Air Novella by [Cosway, L.H.]

    Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson are complete opposites. As soon as they meet they know they won’t get along. However, for the sake of their TV show they agree to put their differences aside, but it’s not as easy as they think.

    For one, there’s the unexplainable physical attraction they can’t seem to shake. And for two, everything out of their mouths seems to rub the other the wrong way.

    Leanne wonders how she can be attracted to such a careless, narcissistic playboy.

    Callum wonders why he can’t get a girl who dresses like a boy out of his head.

    Before long their attraction becomes a temptation neither one of them can resist.

    Air Kiss is a prequel novella to Off the Air, Book #1 in the “Running on Air” Series.


    " I could outshine you without even trying, honey."

    I first met the complicated couple Leane and Cal in Hearts on Air. I was quite curious to know more about them and L.H. Cosway presents us with this prequel to give some details of how they met, how she and her best friend, Paul, joined the parkour group on the Running on Air reality show and how the lure and rivalry began between these two stubborn.

    The book brings hot moments and for me shows how from the beginning both are stubborn, but without a doubt, Cal has a very great sense of protection and possessiveness.

    I liked it a lot and I'm already wondering how it'll be to accompany these two in Off the Air.
    5/5 stars


    Conheci pela primeira vez o complicado casal Leane e Cal em Hearts on Air e fiquei bastante curiosa para saber mais sobre eles e L.H. Cosway nos presenteia com este prequel para dar alguns detalhes de como foi que eles se conheceram, como ela e seu melhor amigo ,Paul, entraram para o grupo do reality show Running on Air e como  a atração e rivalidade começaram entre estes dois teimosos.

    O livro traz momentos hot de arrepiar e para mim mostra como desde o início os dois são cabeça-dura, mas sem sombra de dúvida Cal tem um senso de proteção e possessividade muito grandes.

    Gostei demais  e já estou imaginando como será acompanhar esses dois em Off the Air.

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