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  • Bombshell #Jane Harvey

    The first time I tried to kill myself, I failed.
    The gun misfired. I kept pulling the trigger and nothing happened, just empty clicks and a cosmic frustration.
    But next time, I’ll do it right, no mistakes. I have it all planned out. There’s a bottle of 25 year old Irish whiskey with my name on it, a handful of sleeping pills, and a plastic bag over my head. It will be a quiet end, peaceful. Which is ironic really, and nothing like the way I’ve lived my life.
    So with everything in place, the last thing I want is to find a reason for living...

    Sergeant James Spears isn’t heartbroken because he doesn’t have one. His heart was ripped from his body when the love of his life was killed in an IED attack in Syria.
    Ironic, since James is an elite soldier whose specialty is neutralizing bombs.
    Other bomb disposal officers say EOD stands for ‘Every One’s Divorced’, but to James, all he can hear is ‘Every One’s Dead’.
    When he meets the flighty, shallow socialite, Lady Arabella Forsythe, he detests her on sight. She’s everything he despises, and the complete opposite of the woman who stole his heart and buried it with her.
    Arabella is sleepwalking through her life. Nothing holds her interest for long, not bingeing on champagne and cocaine, sleeping with princes and peers of the realm, not even her own family who are desperate to rehabilitate her.
    When two lost souls meet in the grim underbelly of a world that most people avoid, they recognize each other’s shattered reflections. And maybe hatred is the other side of love.
    Codename: Sleeping Beauty

    Book 2 in the EOD Series #standalone

    BOMBSHELL is the powerful new military romance from best-selling author Jane Harvey-Berrick

    Look out for chapter 1 tomorrow!
    BOMBSHELL is out on 1st March, exclusively on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited, or $2.99 to buy.
    Add to your TBR on Goodreads now !

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