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  • Washed Up Royal #ARC review

    Washed Up Royal

    A simple notification turns my world upside down...

    The tabloids are reporting, I’ve taken the crown and run.
    (Not entirely true)

    As you might have guessed, I’m not an ordinary girl
    and I don’t lead an ordinary life, but that doesn’t mean I always follow the rules.
    This time, though, I feel compelled to obey. 

    Which means I have to find a king, to sit alongside my throne, or lose it all.

    With only the clothes on my back, I head to the land of majestic playboys, where a royal rebel strides right into my life.

    With his sultry eyes and sinful lips, he turns my world right-side up.

    The press is calling him washed up.
    (I think he’s anything but)

    Gorgeous, sexy, irresistible, and utterly charming, he’s exactly what I’m looking for.
    Everything is almost too perfect, too easy.

    Until I discover, this hot-blooded royal has a reason for being here.
    And it’s more than just me.
    That thing I said about easy, turns out… Nothing ever is.

    My royal rebel has a name, it’s Prince Adrien Laurent.
    My name is Princess Victoria Blanchette.
    And this is our story.


    I like too much of Kim Karr's light and engaging writing, she can hold us to her words in a strong way.

    In Washed Up Royal, I met the determined and insecure Tori or Princess Victoria who after the death of her father found herself in the dilemma of being forced to marry lovelessly with her best friend in order to receive the queen's crown. Wanting to enjoy life a little before assuming her responsibilities, she undoes the engagement and disappears from the map with the help of her friend and secretary Rachel.

    They will stop in the United States in an attempt to find some peace and escape the tabloids and maybe find a prince who can delight Tori.

    But this guy has already crossed the path of the princess and left a mark on her heart and when she discovers that he is a prince, she decides to take the reins of her life and takes what she wants for her life.

    In the midst of all this, she has a mysterious palace intrigue involving her uncle who wants to remove Tori from the throne and another king who wants to increase gambling in the area of the islands where they live.

    The story is very good, the romance is explosive and the hot scenes are wonderful.

    4/5 stars

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