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  • One Wish #ARC Review

    Blend a sexy tight end with a bad reputation and a gorgeous computer geek who doesn’t date.
    Mix a make-out scene in a hotel linen closet and a pet rescue fundraiser. 
    Toss in two matchmaking grannies who have only ONE WISH this Christmas and get ready for a happily ever after!


    One more romantic comedy by Kate Kisset,  full of fun and enjoyable to read. So delightful. 

    This time I met Lilly and Brett's love story. I was already a Lilly fan and after following all her overdose of sweetness in One Wish, I fell in love even more.

    I can not stop talking about ChaCha and Mimi, Lilly's grandmothers, who steal the scene whenever they appear innocent and with dangerous fruitcakes. I laugh too much with them.

    I loved the cover, the couple very much reminded me of Brett and Lilly, always smiling, affectionate and cute.

    5/5 stars

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