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  • Tick Tock # ARC Review

    Tick Tock (EOD, #1)

    Forget SEALS, Marines, Fighter Pilots - I have the most dangerous job in the world. And I love it.

    James Spears is part of an elite group who lives and breathes danger. Where others run from it, he walks towards it, calm, focussed ice-cold. James is a top EOD operative.

    You’d call him a bomb disposal expert. Or crazy. A guy with a death wish. He’s heard it all before and he doesn’t give a shit. He’s the best.

    They say he doesn’t have blood in his veins, he has ice. They say he has no nerves.
    All that’s about to be tested.

    Amira is recruited by the CIA to infiltrate a terrorist cell living in rural Pennsylvania. She’s the perfect plant, no one would ever suspect her. Because her brother was killed when a bomb was dropped on the Syrian hospital where he was working as a doctor. And now hate burns deeply inside her. She’s perfect.

    That’s what they tell James when he’s told to train her to be the best damn bomb-maker there is. In a secret camp, deep in the woods, James teaches her everything he knows about building bombs. He’s not a praying man, but now he’s really hoping that he’s doing the right thing.

    Can he trust her? Will she ever trust him? Who is playing who? And who will pay the ultimate price?

    Codename: Hansel and Gretel

    Book 1 in the EOD Series

    * * * * *
    A Note About This Book

    This hasn’t been an easy book to write for lots of different reasons—it’s important to me, so getting the research right has been tricky.

    But I have close friends from the EOD community, and close friends from the Muslim community, who have helped and guided me through.

    They have guided and advised, but ultimately it’s my book, so any mistakes are mine and mine alone.

    The aim is to be respectful to both communities, and to tell a story of love and compassion in a very dark place.

    There may be ‘triggers’ for some people in the story, so please be advised.

    In the end, it’s a love story, not a hate story, and I hope that’s the part that remains with you.


    Another harrowing book by Jane Harvey-Berrick and this one really surpassed my expectations as I read her other book abaout a veteran  Later, After, and had been shaken for a long time.

    Jane has a way of writing that transports me to the story and with Tick Tock was not different but instead was even stronger. I found myself stuck to the book from start to the end in a  great tension and expectation, and by the time I reached the last page I simply could not believe it.

    The book is very well written and extremely careful not to offend any of the parties involved. I fell in love with the suspicious way and then after to lovely James. I just could not connect much with Amira, I tried but after she made an unexpected resolution and for me recklessly, I disconnected completely and began to take some dislike for her. I even understand the focus that she decided to take but I did not agree and much less agreed with James's attitude.

    Anyway, the book brings a strong and even dangerous subject and I'm anxious to know the resolution of everything, cheering a lot for James.

    4/5 stars

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