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  • Love is a Wild Fire #ARC Review

    Love is a Wildfire (Love in the Vineyards Book 4) by [Kisset, Kate]

    This contemporary romance series is set in a charming community where everyone knows each other. Although each book is a complete standalone, this is one, large saga where families and close friends are connected and reappear throughout the series. (You do not have to read the other books in the series to love this one. Each book in the series centers around a different couple.)

     LOVE IS A WILDFIRE: Love in the Vineyards book #4 is a stand alone second-chance romance. Playboy-vintner Michael Santino’s world is about to go up in flames. The largest wildfire in California history is racing straight for his precious vineyards. But the fire isn’t what’s making him hot and bothered— it’s Shae. 
    The beautiful firefighter he’s never forgotten is on the scene, re-igniting sparks and making it impossible for him to think straight. Now he can’t remember why he broke up with her. Firefighter extraordinaire Shae Hayes is determined to evacuate Santino Winery. Strong and proud, from a long line of heroes, she’s not taking no for answer—even if it is from Napa Valley’s own Mr. Charming.

     The devastatingly handsome sweet- talker is the only man who turns her insides to jelly. When the wind changes and Engine 6 is stationed at Santino Winery, Shae and Michael begin to melt in close quarters, and their chemistry ignites. Is it the firestorm outside or the flames smoldering in their hearts going up in flames? They’ll soon have to decide if their LOVE IS A WILDFIRE.

     If you like sweet and sexy, epic romances with exciting action and adventure, buy Love is a Wildfire now, the latest book in Kate’s Love in the Vineyards series! ***Early readers are calling this one of the most exciting vacation reads for women of 2018. 


    Finally the love story for Michael Santino, heir to the Santino family winery. He is always dedicated to helping his father, now he will face this challenge alone as Mr. Santino retires. 

    Shae is a sweet and brave firefighter who finds herself involved in Michael's clutches. He still can not commit to anyone just wanting casual and brief relationships. 

    But the two end up approaching after the season of fires begins to threaten the wineries and the cities of the region. I fell in love with the way Kate Kisset turned the book into a strong thank you to the firefighters who fight against fires in her area. It turned out to be a great adventure rich in details about how risky this profession is. I fell in love with Shae's determined way and I loved seeing the couples of the other books in the series again. 

    Another fresh and cute love story for the hot summer days.
    4/5 stars

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