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  • Forever Summer reading # Quiz Helena Hunting

    Forever Summer Reading Q&A with Helena Hunting

    Your heroine spots her man at a beach filled with beautiful women. At this point she doesn't yet know him that well--she just knows she wants to know him better. What does she do to get his attention?

    Lilah isn’t one to play games, so she’d likely go right up to him and introduce herself.

    Favorite end-of-summer activity?

    Tubing on the river as long as it’s still warm enough. Second would be the Beer Festival in my town that takes place in mid-September!

    Where did you get the inspiration for your latest book?

    Hockey is so full of superstitions and I wanted to explore those and how they can impact how a person perceives their own successes. I also loved the idea of a second chance romance and two people finding their way back to each other.

    Do you have a summer tradition?

    We have a lot of birthdays and celebrations in the summer. Both my daughter and I were born in August and it’s also my wedding anniversary. I like to disappear up to the family cottage on my birthday if I have a chance!

    If the main characters in your newest book planned a staycation, what would they do in their town?

    Since they live in a town with a lake, they would likely spend the majority of their staycation sitting on the dock, enjoying some sunshine and peace. They’d go to all their favourite restaurants and take their dog on a hike in the woods, but mostly they’d enjoy some alone time!


    Bio: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Helena Hunting lives outside of Toronto with her amazing family and her two awesome cats, who think the best place to sleep is her keyboard. She writes all things romance – contemporary, romantic comedy, sports and angsty new adult. For more on Helena and her books, please visit www.helenahunting.com.

    The Good Luck Charm is available now!

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