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  • Model Boyfriend # ARC review

    Model Boyfriend (English Edition) por [Reardon, Stuart, Harvey-Berrick, Jane]

    A powerful contemporary romance set in the fast-moving world of international modelling.

    "What’s it like dating one of the most beautiful men in the world? A man whose face is on every magazine and ad campaign?

    Not as much fun as it sounds, as Anna Scott is about to find out.

    Retired from rugby at the age of 33, injured and bored, Nick is given the chance to enter the high stakes world of fashion photography as a model.

    But behind the glittering façade lies an ugly reality: drugs, alcohol, all the deadly sins, and people willing to sleep their way to the top.

    It’s a tough life and tougher on relationships.

    Nick needs to learn to navigate the treacherous path quickly or risk losing it all—including the woman who has become his reason for living.

    In this glamorous world, there is no room for error. Being a MODEL BOYFRIEND has never been harder.

    Can nice guy Nick find his way through, or will he be tempted to risk it all? Because the one thing he despises is failure.

    He’s a lot more than a pretty face."

    This story continues where UNDEFEATED left off, although it can also be read as a stand-alone story in its own right.


    While in Undefeated I followed Nick's journey in his rugby career, in Model Boyfriend I followed his journey after he retires from the sport because of his various injuries.

    His love for the sport makes him really sad and lost after retirement and Anna is not sure how to help her fiance at this time as he closes more and more in his own world by isolating Anna.

    But she does not give up easily and does everything in her power to help Nick until something comes up that excites the guy who is modeling.

    This career as we know is not easy for anyone and for him too who is new and not accustomed to all the dilemmas inherent in this profession.

    After facing several unusual situations, he and Anna will have their love tested again and they will need to find strength for all the newcomers that are still ahead.

    I like Jane's writing and Stuart is very good too  , Book 2 was not as exciting as Book 1 but it had several interesting moments and a super cute ending.

    I loved the cover and I loved Brendan too who is Anna's assistant and brings a new strong situation to the book.
    4/5 stars

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