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  • Monday Night Guy #ARC Review

    Release Date: June 21, 2018
    Cover design: Letitia from RBA Designs
                             Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography        
    Models: Travis Bendall & Ali Abela
    Genre: College Romance


    Parker Kent . . .
    Deliciously good-looking
    Basketball captain
    Complete and utter jerk
    I made a vow—a vow to steer clear of guys like Parker. But when he shows up every Monday night at my workplace, that vow is torn to shreds. As much as I’d like, to I can’t ignore a customer.
    At some point, a friendship forms. It’s not what I expected; he’s not what I expected. Those walls I put up are being torn down piece by piece, allowing Parker into my heart. Am I setting myself up for disaster, or is my Monday-night guy just the antidote my wounded heart needs?

    Addison learned in the worst way that getting involved with the wrong guy can have disastrous consequences. What she did not expect was that another unlikely guy could move her heart and be her big and kind hero.

    The book tells the twists and turns that life gives when a girl is least expecting and how love can arise in a sweet and gentle way. I followed Addison's journey of maturity and strength and fell madly in love with Parker.

    The book brings a yummy and distressing novel also written in a light and engaging way.

    I loved the cover,it is perfect for hte book.

    4/5 stars

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