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  • Noelle Adams News Giveaway


    Unveiled Release

    Today is release day for Unveiled, the third and final One Fairy Tale Wedding story. Each story can act as a standalone, so you don't have to have read the first two to pick this one up, but they're all just $.99 right now and I think you'll enjoy them more if you read them together.
    Unveiled is a friends-to-lovers romance with a widower/single father hero and Cinderella themes. You can find more information about it and an excerpt below.

    Updated release schedule

    I got randomly inspired for a new series a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up writing the first book of it in just a week. I was planning to take a break from marriage-of-convenience books for a while, but this book just had to be written. The new series will be called Trophy Husbands, and the first book is Part-Time Husband. The style is closer to real romantic comedy than I usually write.
    So I've redone my release schedule to accommodate the new series. This is what I'm planning now for the rest of the year. (The Christmas series will be a series of interconnected novellas like One Fairy Tale Wedding.)

    April 24 - Living with Her One-Night Stand (The Loft 1)
    May 29 -  Part-Time Husband (Trophy Husbands 1)
    July 3 - Living with Her Ex-Boyfriend (The Loft 2)
    August 7 - Practice Husband (Trophy Husbands 2)
    September 11 - Living with Her Fake Fiance (The Loft 3)
    October 23 - Christmas novella series 1
    November 13 - Christmas novella series 2
    December 4 - Christmas novella series 3

    On Sale

    Seducing the Enemy is on sale this week for just $.99! This book is almost never on sale because it's with a publisher and they control the pricing. It's entirely possible it will never be on sale again, so you might want to pick it up for a discount while you can.
    This is the first book of the Heirs of Damon series, and the hero is Harrison Damon, who is one of my favorite characters in all of my books. Fun fact: Harrison shows up in eight of my books, more times than any other character except Daniel from Willow Park (who also shows up in eight).
    Seducing the Enemy is a one-night-stand, enemies-to-lovers romance with a virgin heroine and a workaholic hero. It's also the first book with Cyrus Damon, who eventually gets a book of his own and probably grows and changes as a character more dramatically than any of my other characters.

    Want to connect?

    The best ways to keep up-to-date on my books and sales are through this newsletter and through my Facebook Reader Group. The group is closed, so you'll have to ask to join, but I approve everyone (unless they're obviously spammers).
    I will also reply to emails, so if you'd like to email, you can use noelle.s.adams@gmail.com or noelle@noelle-adams.com. Some people have trouble when they try to reply to these emails, so if you do, try deleting the newsletter content from the forwarded email or else just email me directly.
    Once upon a time, there was a young woman whose prince wouldn't see her as a princess.
    Madison has tried to be a friend and support to Timothy and his six-year-old daughter ever since his wife died, but she's having trouble not wanting more than that from him. He's everything she wants in a man, but he only looks at her as a friend who helps out with his daughter.
    She knows she needs to start thinking of other men, since she can't have the man she wants. She's always been practical, so she makes a plan for moving on. A romantic weekend at a grand wedding in the mountains is the perfect opportunity to have fun and feel desirable again with someone other than Timothy. But always seems to be around, kinder and sexier than ever. Maybe what's practical isn't the way to find her happy ending.
    Unveiled is the third novella in the One Fairy Tale Wedding series, in which three friends make a pact to get what they really want during one wedding weekend.

    Excerpt from Unveiled

    They sat in silence for a minute until she found a way to change the subject. She reached for a fancy wedding invitation on top of a pile of mail on the counter behind her. “Are you going to go to this?” she asked.
    “I guess I should. Jim was a good friend in school.”
    The wedding was an elaborate affair in a historic hotel in West Virginia. Madison was already excited about it because it had been so long since she’d dressed up and done anything festive. “Going to a wedding isn’t supposed to be a burden. You sound like you have to get teeth pulled.”
    “It’s not that. It just seems like such a production, and I’ll be gone all weekend and Jenny has stuff going on that weekend, so she can’t go with me. I don’t mind going to the wedding. It just seems like a pain in the ass.” With a little smile, he shook his head. “Are you going?”
    “Yeah. I think so.”
    “Good. Maybe…”
    Her heart leaped again in that ridiculous hopeful way—the way she was trying so hard to keep it from doing.
    “Maybe it will be good for you,” Timothy concluded.
    Madison tried not to slump back in her chair.
    “Give you a chance to have some fun and relax, I mean.”
    “I know what you meant,” she said quietly.
    “Were you friends with Polly?”
    “Kind of. Jim and Polly invited everyone, I think. Charlie and Hannah are going too.”
    Charlie and Hannah were her best friends. They’d been her best friends in school, and they were still her best friends now.
    “That’s good. Hopefully you’ll have a good time there. Jenny can stay with my parents that weekend.”
    Madison nodded, staring down at her food. It was really good, and she’d almost finished her plate.
    Timothy was silent for a minute, so long that the mood between them started to feel awkward.
    When Madison finally raised her eyes to check his expression, he asked softly, “Are you sure I’m not taking advantage of you?”
    “Am I taking advantage of you?”
    “No, of course not.” Madison suddenly felt guilty for making Timothy feel guilty. She should have managed her responses better. “Not at all.”
    “I sometimes wonder if I am. I know I rely on you too much. I don’t know what Jenny and I would have done without you.”
    It was something Madison wanted to hear from him so much she almost leaned into the words. But she reminded herself that they didn’t mean what she wanted them to mean.
    They never would.
    “I’ve wanted to help. You know I love Jenny as much as I loved Emily.’
    “I know you do. But still…”
    She let out a little sigh. “I’ll back off if you want me to.”
    “I don’t want you to. Stop acting like I do.”
    She blinked at the urgency of his tone. “Okay. Sorry.”
    “Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry.”
    “What are you sorry about?”
    “For snapping at you.”
    Despite her flustered state of mine, she couldn’t help but giggle at that. “You think what you just did was snapping at me?”
    “Wasn’t it?”
    “It wasn’t even close to snapping. There was a slight edge of impatience in your voice.”
    “Well, I shouldn’t be impatient with you.”
    “You can be anything you want to be with me.” She said the words thoughtlessly, without planning them out or thinking them through. When she heard how they sounded, she blushed slightly.
    Timothy held her eyes, something new in his expression.
    She felt weird and nervous and excited and a lot of things she shouldn’t be feeling.
    She opened her mouth to say something else, but she had no idea what to say.
    “Madison,” he began.
    She leaned forward, completely mesmerized by the look in his eyes. “Yes?”
    There was a long pregnant pause. Then, “Do you want some more wine?”
    Madison did slump that time.
    This kind of thing had happened to her over and over again for the past six months. Thinking something would happen, something would be said, and then crushed when it wasn’t. Nothing was ever going to happen romantically with Timothy, so she needed to stop hoping that it would.
    She needed to focus on something else, get excited about a different guy.
    That would be the emotionally healthy thing to do.
    Madison had always been a practical person. If she needed to go against her heart to be emotionally healthy, then that was what she was going to do.
    In 2012, I hadn't written much of anything for two years when I saw some talk about Entangled Publishing (which was brand new then) and I submitted to them my old manuscript of Seducing the Enemy and they picked it up. I was so excited about getting published after so many years and failures (fifteen years of trying!) that I got re-inspired for writing, and I could finally visualize a niche for myself in doing trope-driven, category-length romances my own way.
    Marriage-of-convenience romances had always been my favorites, so I wanted to write some. (I had A Negotiated Marriage and Listed already written at that point, but the structure and style of those books were so different from normal romance formulas that I didn't think any publisher would pick them up, and I wasn't thinking about self-publishing yet.) So I was brainstorming about scenarios where a contemporary marriage-of-convenience would be plausible. Back then, I still wanted my premises to plausible. (Now they just have to be possible since I learned that most readers really don't care how likely the premise is as long as the characters ring true.) Anyway, I was trying to think of why someone might want to get married for outside pressures, and it occurred to me that pastors in more conservative Christian churches get pressure to be married. I was raised in those kinds of churches, so I know them well. It made perfect sense that a pastor would need to be married just because. So the whole storyline of Married for Christmas came to me in a flash.
    I was so excited about the idea of writing Christians characters in a mainstream romance that includes sex scenes. I emailed my editor at Entangled (who back then was Ruthie Knox) at 5:20 in the morning to tell her about my idea and ask if she thought it could ever work. She told me no publisher would ever pick it up (and she was absolutely right about that) but that I should write it just so she could read it.
    I had to write more Heirs of Damon books anyway, so I put Married for Christmas on the back-burner. I knew it was going to be a Christmas book, and it was too late in the year for that Christmas, so it would have to wait until the following year no matter what. Then I started self-publishing, and I discovered the freedom to write and publish anything I wanted. So I could finally go back to my old (still thrilling) story idea about the pastor marriage-of-convenience, and I wrote it and self-published it the following Christmas. It's still one of my favorites of my books.

    Are you going to write any more books in [this] series?

    I get this question a lot, referring to some of my old series. I also get it as a request for follow-up stories for some of my old standalone novels. For instance, people have asked for more Willow Park books or want a follow-up book to Listed or Missing.
    The simplest answer is... probably not. I don't ever say no for sure because it's certainly possible for me to get inspired in the future but usually when I've moved on from a book or series, I've moved on for good.
    For me personally, the longest I can sustain an interest in reading or writing a series is five books. I don't know that I'll ever write a series longer than that (except for something like the One Night novellas where they share a concept but not a world). After that, the series starts to feel old and "done" to me so I want to move on to different things. With standalones, I usually feel "done" when the novel is over, and I'll only revisit the characters if there's something very specific I want to explore. (For instance, I wanted to explore a few different moments of conflict for a married couple with children, so I was able to do that in the two follow-ups to Nameless. But I started with the story idea and worked it into Seth and Erin's relationship, rather than starting by wanting to write more of Seth and Erin and then thinking of a story to tell about them, if that makes sense)
    I don't have any plans at this point to do this again with my existing standalones, although I'll certainly never say never. And, with series, if I want to revisit a fictional world, then I'll do it through spin-off series rather than extending one series indefinitely. That's why I have interconnected series like Heirs of Damon, Beaufort Brides, and Eden Manor. They share a world, and the characters can move between them, but I'm not having to stretch out a series beyond its natural lifespan.
    This month, I have three sets of One Fairy Tale Wedding paperbacks to give away to three different winners. (These are super-cute mini-paperbacks, since the stories are short novellas.) Each winner will get a complete set--Unguarded, Untouched, and Unveiled. To enter, just follow the instructions below:
    1. Reply to this email or send a separate email to noelle.s.adams@gmail.com. (A few people still have had trouble with not being able to reply to my newsletter emails. If you have trouble, try deleting the forwarded newsletter content from your reply. If that doesn't work, then just send a new email.) 
    2. Change the subject line to March giveaway.
    3. Tell me something you read in this newsletter or ask a question for the Q&A section.
    4. Be sure to submit your entry by Thursday, March 15 since I'll be choosing the winners on Friday.
    Open internationally. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

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