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  • Come as You are by Lauren Blakely #news

    His green eyes blaze with desire as he shakes his head in wonder. "Who are you?" I smile because I know he doesn't actually want an answer, but I love that he's asked the question. "Your mystery girl."
    Coming April 16th—you can preorder Come As You Are everywhere (except Kindle) now!
    On Kindle, Come As You Are will be a live release on April 16th—so keep your eyes open for an email from me that day!

    COME AS YOU ARE: out April 16 - preorder now!
    Google Play
    Me and my lil pupper!
    P.S. If you're looking for more free books to feed your e-reader, I have two of mine that are free for a few more days!
    My erotic romantic suspense Sweet Sinful Nights is FREE—and so is my sexy romance Night After Night! Grab them before they go back to full price!
    WANDERLUST is out now!  Click here!
    Come as You Are - out April 16 everywhere - click here!
    Part-Time Lover: out June 4 CLICK HERE

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