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  • Samantha Young's News

    In case you missed it on my social media I recently announced my Fall release with Berkley Romance. Titled FIGHT OR FLIGHT this is a sexy contemporary romance with lots of chemistry and banter between the hero and heroine. Yesterday Hypable.com revealed the cover, blurb and excerpt, and now I can share it with you! We've gone for a totally different look for this standalone and I'm in love with the cute, retro vibe. I hope you guys love it too!
    The universe is conspiring against Ava Breevort. As if flying back to Phoenix to bury a childhood friend wasn’t hell enough, a cloud of volcanic ash traveling from overseas delayed her flight back home to Boston.
    Her last ditch attempt to salvage the trip was thwarted by an arrogant Scotsman, Caleb Scott, who steals a first class seat out from under her. Then over the course of their journey home, their antagonism somehow lands them in bed for the steamiest layover Ava’s ever had. And that’s all it was–until Caleb shows up on her doorstep.
    When pure chance pulls Ava back into Caleb’s orbit, he proposes they enjoy their physical connection while he’s stranded in Boston. Ava agrees, knowing her heart’s in no danger since a) she barely likes Caleb and b) his existence in her life is temporary.
    Not long thereafter Ava realizes she’s made a terrible error because as it turns out Caleb Scott isn’t quite so unlikeable after all. When his stay in Boston becomes permanent, Ava must decide whether to fight her feelings for him or give into them. But even if she does decide to risk her heart on Caleb, there is no guarantee her stubborn Scot will want to risk his heart on her….
    Add it to Goodreads – http://bit.ly/2G7eGqH,
    Amazon – http://amzn.to/2EUJFH4
    iBooks – https://apple.co/2EVxppE
    Books A Million – http://bit.ly/2ElvARC
    Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2CaFPX7

    March 2018
    Sky Harbor Airport, AZ
    Food. Food and coffee. I knew those should be my priority. The grumbles in my belly were making that perfectly clear. And considering the purpose for my visit to Phoenix, it was no wonder I was marching through the terminal after having my bag searched in security, feeling like I might claw someone’s face off if I didn’t get a shot of caffeine in my system.
    Even though I was hangry, my priority was to get upgraded to first class on my flight home to Boston. I could be hangry all I wanted in an airport. But as I was someone who suffered from mild claustrophobia, sitting in coach—with my luck stuck beside someone who would take their shoes and socks off during flight—would be a million times worse. I couldn’t chance it. A pair of strange, hot, sweaty, smelly, bare feet next to me for four and a half hours? No, that was a hell my current state of mind couldn’t deal with. I shuddered as I marched toward the desk at my gate.
    Seeing a small group of people crowded under a television screen, I faltered, wondering what had drawn them to the news. Slowing at the images of huge plumes of smoke billowing out of a tremendously large mountain, my curiosity drew me to a halt.
    Within a few seconds the news told me that an unpronounceable volcano in Iceland had erupted creating a humungous ash cloud that was causing disruption in Europe. Flights there had been grounded and consequently travel chaos ensued.
    The thought of being stuck in an airport for an indeterminate number of hours—days even—made me wince in sympathy for my poor fellow human beings.
    I couldn’t imagine dealing with that on top of the week I’d just had. I liked to think I was someone who was usually cool and collected, but lately my emotions were so close to the surface I was almost afraid of them. I asked the universe to forgive me my self-absorption, thankful that I was not someone who wasn’t going to make it home today, and continued on my path to the gate desk. There was no one in line, and the man behind it began to smile in welcome as I approached.
    “Hi, I was wondering—Oof!” I winced as a laptop bag attached to a big guy whacked against my right shoulder, knocking me back on my heels. The big guy didn’t even realize he’d hit me as he strode right past me and cut in before me.
    “I’d like tae upgrade tae first class, please,” he said in a deep, loud, rumbling, very attractive accent that did nothing to soothe my annoyance with him for cutting in front of me.
    “Of course, sir,” the flight attendant answered in such a flirtatious tone I was sure that if I was tall enough to see over the big guy’s shoulder I would see the flight attendant batting his lashes at him.
    “Okay, flight DL180 to Boston. You’re in luck, Mr. Scott. We have one seat left in first class.”
    Oh hell no!
    “What?” I shoved my way up next to rude guy, not even looking at him.
    The flight attendant, sensing my tone, immediately narrowed his eyes on me and thinned his lips.
    “I was coming here to ask for an upgrade on this flight and he,” I gestured to my right, “cut in front of me. You saw him do it.”
    “Miss, I’m going to ask you to calm down and wait your turn. Although we have a very full flight today, I can put you on our list and if a first class seat opens up before the flight, we will let you know.”
    Yeah, because the way my week was going that was likely.
    “I was first,” I insisted, my skin flushing because my blood had turned so hot with anger at the unfairness. “He whacked me with his laptop bag pushing past me to cut in line.”
    “Can we just ignore this tiny, angry person and upgrade me now?” the deep accented voice said somewhere above my head to my right.
    His condescension finally drew my gaze to him.
    And everything suddenly made sense.
    Read the rest of the chapter over on Hypable - http://bit.ly/2ESeM5h
    Did you know that ON HART'S BOARDWALK, An On Dublin Street novella is out March 20th! Yes, that's less than a month away until we're back with Nate & Liv, one of the series most beloved couples! Woop! Here's a teaser to tide you over until then.
    I’d decided from now on my husband was going to get a daily reminder why his life was freaking beautiful and he needed to enjoy it rather than fear losing it.
    On that note, I pulled off my nightgown, and climbed onto the bed. I crawled up his legs and pressed my lips to one cheek of his ass while I squeezed the other cheek.
    He grunted in his sleep.
    So I licked him from the bottom of his spine up his back.
    He groaned. “Liv?”
    I pressed my breasts against his back and kissed his shoulder, my hair falling across his face. “I need you to turn over so I can make love to you,” I whispered.
    “Did you just kiss my arse?” His amused, sleepy rumble did nothing to alleviate my need for him.
    I giggled. “You’re lucky that’s all I did. I want to bite that ass every time I see it.”
    “Well for future reference…” he began to turn and I leaned back to let him. “You can bite my arse any time you please.”
    Lying on his back, Nate stared up at me with an adorable mix of sleepiness and desire and he smoothed his hands up my naked thighs. “What do you want to do with me?”
    Preorder links:
    iBooks US – http://apple.co/2AOoa8M
    iBooks UK – http://apple.co/2jCtHLy
    Amazon US – http://amzn.to/2jDdXrw
    Amazon UK – http://amzn.to/2ANR5Kd
    Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2nUsn83
    THE FRAGILE ORDINARY, my upcoming YA contemporary romance from Harlequin TEEN is out June 26th. This book is a very special book for me as it takes me right back to my own high school experiences and coming of age. I've got my fingers crossed you guys love this one! Here's a wee teaser to whet the appetite...
    Señora Cooper’s classroom door opened again, and my breath caught in my throat at the sight of the boy striding through it.
    What the ever loving…
    It was like he’d walked straight out of the pages of the book I had been reading last night!
    Tall—very tall—with an athletic physique, the boy looked around the classroom and then at the teacher. “Spanish, right?”
    I froze at his American accent.
    This was cute American boy?
    Cute was entirely the wrong descriptor.
    He had close-cropped dark blond hair, and his tan skin suggested he’d spent his life somewhere with lots of sun up until now. Light gray eyes scanned the room as we all looked at him, and he stood there seeming comfortable with the attention, like it didn’t bother him at all. I’d be blushing and squirming if a room filled with strangers were staring at me.
    “Como tu te llamas?” Señora Cooper asked with a raised eyebrow.
    He gave her a lopsided smile, all white teeth and boyish charm, and this little unexpected thrill fluttered in my belly. A feeling I got only when reading about swoonworthy book boyfriends.
    I swallowed hard, not sure I was enjoying this new development.
    “Tobias King. But you can just call me King.”
    Tobias King.
    He even had a book boyfriend name.
    I groaned inwardly as Señora Cooper told him to take a seat after checking her register to make sure he belonged in her class. As he passed me without noticing me, I took in his face and wondered how it was possible for a teenage boy to look like that. Sure we had cute guys at our school, but none of them looked like that. Like…a teen Viking!
    He had a strong, chiseled jaw, a slightly too-wide nose—an imperfection that only added to his attractiveness—and a smile that could charm you out of your last Irn-Bru. It occurred to me, as he angled his long body into a seat beside Daniel Pilton, that he looked familiar. He shared more than a passing similarity to a certain star of a dystopian book-to-film franchise I had pinned to my bedroom wall.
    I hunched over, hating this sudden awareness of the stranger.
    Preorder Links:
    Kindle - http://amzn.to/2EQNQTi
    iBooks - https://apple.co/2oomWfd
    Barnes & Noble - http://bit.ly/2EOSg15
    Google Play - http://bit.ly/2BQa5u8
    Indie Bound - http://bit.ly/2ouR4VK
    Kobo - http://bit.ly/2EOomtU
    I also have a very brief PLAY ON #2 update for you. I can announce that the title of PLAY ON #2 is...

    Each book in this series are standalones with unrelated characters. The theme of each book is what ties it together as a series (that and each book is set in Scotland). The theme of the series is "the trials, tribulations and love stories of people of the arts."

    AS DUST DANCES is set in Glasgow and follows the story of a homeless ex-pop rock star and an ambitious record label executive. I'm hoping for a late summer release but I will confirm an exact release date soon. Look out for a cover reveal & blurb this spring!

    Sam x

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