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  • Undefeated # Cover Reveal


    AP new - synopsis.jpg

    A powerful contemporary romance set in the fast-moving world of international rugby.

    When your world crashes down
    When they all say you’re out
    When your body is broken
    I will rise.
    I will return.
    And I will be undefeated.

    Nick Renshaw is the golden boy of British rugby. When a serious injury threatens his career, he starts to spiral downwards, a broken man.
    Feeling abandoned and betrayed by those closest to him, he fights to restart his life. Maybe there’s someone out there who can help him. Maybe he can find his way back toward the light. Maybe … not.
    Dr. Anna Scott might be the one person who can help Nick, but she has her own secrets. And when Nick’s past comes back to haunt them both, the enigmatic doctor is more vulnerable than she seems.
    Broken and betrayed, the struggle to survive seems intolerable. Who will give in, and who will rise, undefeated?

    From the dusty plains of Afghanistan to the sleek corridors of the New York Times, journalist MJ Buckman seeks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. What she doesn’t expect to find is a man who’s her complete opposite … and fits her perfectly.

    Marine Sergeant Jackson Connor knows that relationships don’t work for men in the military. He’s living proof of that. But when a steely-eyed temptress in a flak jacket, who carries her moral cause in front of her, crosses his path, he’s furious, curious, and all kinds of in-lust.

    * * *
    A grown-up love story about two people who aren’t looking for love, but realize how precious it is when they find it. They don’t play games and there are no stupid misunderstandings, just life standing in their way.

    Can they compromise? And what does that look like in a modern relationship between two driven people?

    Assignment Vs deployment.

    They’re always traveling in different directions. What relationship can survive that?

    Coming January 23rd 2018


         “How would you describe the last two years, Nick?”
         The Team England publicist was staring at him wide-eyed from behind the cameraman, willing him to say something, praying that Nick didn’t freeze on national TV.
         His fingers drummed quietly on the arm of his chair as if he was choosing his words carefully. He wasn’t.
         “Yes, Jasmine, you could say it’s been eventful.”
         The words rolled out in Nick’s distinctive Yorkshire accent—taciturn, economical, the flat vowels making him sound bored.
         The interviewer’s eyes tightened and she clutched her clipboard harder.
         “There have been highs and lows…” she said encouragingly, giving him another lead-in. “Perhaps you could tell me how those have been, from your perspective?”
         She wasn’t wrong, but her questions weren’t tapping into the well of emotion that she sensed underlay his weary answers. She knew it was there; she knew with the same uncanny ability that a shark smells blood.
         Physically, he’d never looked stronger, his athlete’s body draped in a designer suit and crisp white shirt, his raven-dark hair combed away from a sculpted face, penetrating hazel-green eyes now shuttered, and a newly grown, thick, black beard hiding the softness of his lips.
         But it was there, barely perceptible, an undefinable something. To the interviewer’s experienced gaze, he looked … defeated.
         Nick closed his eyes momentarily. Yes, there had been incredible highs, flying so far he thought he’d never come back to earth. But he did. He crashed and burned, shattering spectacularly.
         Broken in body and spirit, he’d clawed his way back, step by painful step. And she had been there. For every time when it seemed too hard and he wanted to give up, Anna had kept him going. For every time the shadows threatened to choke him, she’d driven them back, her brightness blazing.
         And when she’d needed him most, he’d watched her fall.
         “And you started a relationship with Ms. Scott?”
         The audience were silent, a collective holding of breath. Wondering if he’d take another step toward the cliff edge.
         “I think you know that already, Jasmine,” he said, arching one eyebrow at her. “The newspapers and gossip sites wouldn’t leave her alone. She was torn apart by the Press. And I couldn’t do anything to help her. Journalists crucified her.”
         The interviewer squirmed uncomfortably, then squared her shoulders.
         “Were you in a relationship with her from the beginning?”
         His eyes darkened, whether with anger or passion, no one but Nick could tell.
         “All relationships have a beginning, but to answer your question, no. Despite the allegations, that’s not how it was.”
         “How was it exactly?”
         How was it? Perfect. Perfectly wrong.
         “She healed me, we became … friends—good friends—and then … she left.”
         “And then what? What happened to Dr. Scott? What happened to Anna?”
         “Nothing happened.”
         The interviewer’s forehead creased with frustration.
         “But … but that can’t be the end of the story!”
         He leaned back and gave her a small smile.
         “’Fraid so. That’s it. That’s the end.”
         “I don’t believe that!”
         Nick didn’t want to believe it either...

    AP  new -about the author.jpg

    Stuart Reardon

    Stuart is a retired England International Rugby League player who’s career spanned 16 years as a professional playing for several top League clubs.  He has had several major injuries that nearly ended his career just as in Undefeated, the amazing collaboration with Jane.
    Currently he is a Personal trainer living in Cheshire, and has an online fitness program: Fear Nothing Fitness.

    Jane Harvey-Berrick

    I enjoy watching surfers at my local beach, and weaving stories of romance in the modern world, with all its trials and tribulations.
    It’s been the best fun working with Stu on this story. And yes, he did think about joining the Marines once.


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