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  • Bourbon Serie #Review


    I was surprised by the Bourbon series ...
    In the first book we met  Goldie, a girl who lost everything with her parents' death in Hurricane Katrina and had to face life in a stripper club to pay her bills. In attracting the attention of the powerful and mysterious Jett, she finds herself immersed in a world quite different from what she was accustomed to and her training to be a Jett Girl will make her even closer to Jett.
    The attraction between them is uncontrollable but Jett has many ghosts and demons from the past that will not let him indulge in this passion.

    In the next two books, the plot begins to take on a more suspenseful tone filled with breathtaking erotic scene. Goldie slowly undermines Jett's resistance to relationships which leaves him vulnerable to the enemies he has and ends up exposing Goldie. The plot outcome is startling and perfect.
    In the last book of the series I knew the love story of Kace, Jett's best friend and right-hand man who played a key role in the previous books and who conquered me even more than the protagonist.
    I'm not much of a book fan with cliffhanger and I was afraid of not liking the series because of this detail, but Meghan's writing as always holds me and sucks to the plot in such a way that I could not drop the books until I knew the whole story .
    Narrated in the first person by the protagonists and with a flowing and sweeping writing, I was enchanted by the suspense created and the romances and scenes between the couples.
    The new covers have been very well chosen and convey exactly the atmosphere of the books.

    4,5/5 stars

    On the streets of New Orleans, sins are committed every night.

    My name is Jett Colby and I save tarnished souls.

    In the downtown, under the glittery lights of Bourbon Street, I found her in cheap lingerie, flaunting her body for callous men and money.

    From the lace of her cheap lingerie, to her garter belt, I knew she had to be saved.
    She had to be mine.

    Broke and destitute with no way of out, she had no choice but to come to me and into my club.

    She had no other choice but to become a Jett Girl.

    But see, that’s the thing about this city; you might think that under the dazzling lights and illusion of salvation, she’s the one that needed saving.

    When the glitter fades and the dirt is washed away, the one worth saving just might be me.

    *Formerly known as Becoming a Jett Girl. Add it to your TBR--> http://bit.ly/2foiqfA

    The walls of my club hold many secrets. Depravity. Sin. Justice.

    Come in; debauchery can be yours for the cost of a lap dance and a night of pleasure. 

    And I own every last part of it.

    But she’s my weakness, and thankfully she followed me through the insolvent streets of New Orleans, giving me her loyalty and her heart. 

    My desire for her dominates my every thought, but my broken past could destroy us. 

    There are people trying to bring me down. 

    Two malicious men stand in the way of what I want: to own it all. 

    It’s either Lot 17 or Goldie, my Jett Girl. 

    I have to make a choice and for once, it won’t be easy.

    *Formerly known as Being a Jett Girl. Add it to your TBR--> http://bit.ly/2xhO31t

    Under the neon lights of Bourbon, money is everything. 

    Justice, faith, and power. They’re the key to my empire and she holds them all in the palm of her hand. Falling for her was a mistake; she stole my heart and consumed me. I was addicted, and she left me weak and vulnerable to my enemies.

    They’re everywhere. 

    Now she’s gone, turning to my enemy’s business partner; the man I’ve hated my entire life. She said she’s protecting me. She said it won’t be forever.

    But how can I believe her? 

    Lies, deceit and deception. They’re the sins driving us apart. 

    In a city that never sleeps—in a place where scandal hides behind every dark corner, my Jett girl might never be mine again.

    *Formerly known as Forever a Jett Girl. Add it to your TBR--> http://bit.ly/2wLsFgL

    Every choice you make in life comes with a consequence.

    I was once on top, I was the professional boxer to be afraid of. I had everything I could possibly hope for. I was happy, satisfied, content . . . until one night.

    One off day.

    One wrong reaction.

    I killed a man. The sound, the blood, the stagnant air, it’s forever imprinted in my mind and now dictates the way I live my life.

    Desolate with nothing but my penance to pay, I didn’t expect to have my world flipped upside down when Lyla seductively strutted into my life.

    I want her. I need her. I crave her.

    But I don’t deserve her.

    People like to celebrate the day they were born, I like to celebrate the day my soul died.

    This is my story of repentance.

    *Formerly known as Repentance. Add it to your TBR--> http://bit.ly/2xtvpTx

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