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  • Napa Crush #Cover reveal

    napa crush high res
    Napa Crush is a STANDALONE contemporary romance set in Napa Valley wine country.

    That moment when your first crush walks back into your life... and you're kissing his brother. 

    Napa Valley feature writer Danica Vargas' serene, wine country life turns upside down when she lands in the hospital and meets the sexy baseball star who accidentally put her there. Unfortunately, she has no idea who he is. Unexpectedly, she's caught between two of Napa's Valley's notorious Santino brothers, mistaking one man's flirtation, for love, and another's undying affection, for friendship.

    In school, Luca Santino's best friend's older sister Danica was a knockout. She batted his heart around like a ball... except when they were making out in her bedroom. Back in Napa Valley a decade later with his semi-pro baseball team, Luca rediscovers the girl he loved. As a woman, she's even more enticing than he remembered.

    Older and wiser, maybe this time they'll realize what started long ago wasn't a game.
    Kindle Edition185 pages
    Expected publication: July 20th 2017 by Castlerock Publishing

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