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  • Behind the Bars #Title Reveal Brittainy C.Cherry

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    Behind the Bars is the story of Elliott Adams and Jasmine Green. They are heavy, yet light. Cold, yet hot. Tough, yet oh-so-gentle.
    I cannot wait for you to meet these two this Fall.
    I cannot wait for you to read Behind the Bars. ♥
    Author Brittainy C Cherry
    ~*~TITLE REVEAL~*~
    Behind the Bars
    By: Brittainy C. Cherry, Coming Fall 2017
    Hero & Heroine: Elliott & Jasmine
    <3 <3 ♥
    Add to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2rLMzHi
    “Can I tell you a secret?” Elliott whispered, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck.
    “You sure can.” I turned to face him and met his grey eyes that consumed me. The story behind his stare ran deep. The pain those eyes met throughout their lifetime was a heavy weight that Elliott carried on his slumped shoulders.
    He shifted his weight around in his tattered shoes, and cleared his throat. “I really needed a win tonight, and I’m glad that win was you.”

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