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  • Archer's Voice #New Cover

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    ARCHER'S VOICE New Cover Reveal!

    ARCHER'S VOICE, which will be re-released in paperback via Grand Central Publishing on Valentine's Day, 2018, has a new cover! Archer will be on bookshelves FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER and I couldn't be more excited!

    1) Why the new cover? It is my (and Grand Central's) hope that this new cover will attract a wider audience who might be more apt to pick it up with a softer, more romantic look. I'm overjoyed with this new opportunity and hope that this will bring Archer even more love than he has now!
    2) Why change the back? I love that naked back! I know, I do, too. And I'll always picture that naked back when I picture Archer. :) But because this is a re-release, we wanted a new look to relaunch the paperback. It means such wonderful things for Archer, especially since it has been out since 2014! When Grand Central asked me what item or element I thought of when I thought of Archer and Bree's story, I immediately said, "A dandelion puff!" To me, this new cover is just perfect. It's simple, yet has such a soft, dreamy feel and brings to mind that sleepy lakeside town where Bree Prescott met Archer Hale and fell in love.
    3) Will the new paperback offer anything extra? Yes! Along with the new cover, it will include Archer’s POV of Chapter 15 that was released last November in the eBook AND there is also an extended epilogue in the back where you will get a small glimpse at Archer and Bree's growing family. ;) While the Archer POV can be found in the eBook, this extended epilogue will only be available in the paperback.

    Thank you so much for your love and support of this book and your willingness to come along for the exciting ride Archer and Bree are on. I couldn't be more grateful. And although, Archer is venturing out into the bigger, wider world, in many ways, as part of the indie community, he was yours first.
    Much love, Mia

    Pre-Order the paperback with the new cover here! ------------> http://amzn.to/2sh8wkH

    Don't they look lovely together?

    These two covers were designed to compliment each other with branding that lets readers browsing shelves know they're both by the same author - me! :)
    Most of All You comes out October 17th via Grand Central Publishing and is available for pre-order now! (see links below)
    Amazon -----------> http://amzn.to/2sbqhBo
    iBooks ------------> http://apple.co/2miSuDR
    Kobo ------------> http://bit.ly/2lHRtUk
    Barnes & Noble -----------> http://bit.ly/2rjIFnf
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