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  • The Knight in english

    I have always been fascinated by this game but I usually have difficulty playing chess because it is very scattered and can not study well the opponent.
    Quite the opposite of the protagonist of The Knight, Gabriel Miller. A financial tycoon, Gabriel is a powerful man who fights with his own demons, mysterious and dangerous, many know that and fear him. It is the type of player who only enters on play to win. It was thus that he destroyed Avery's father and carried her to bed for the 1 million dollars.
    Avery is resentful as well as not accepting the way she saw her castle being destroyed as a sand castle and losing everything she loved, was still sent away after losing her virginity with Gabriel at an auction. After this sweet princess of Tanglewood was transformed.
    Avery is determined to take her house and her life back at any price and will face her biggest opponent head-on. She just did not expect Gabriel to yet exert such a strong gravitational pull on her.
    The part of romance and revenge (which was what attracted me in the synopsis) to me was not good, lacked the emotional connection I like more feeling involved, just more towards the end that Gabriel begins to let Avery penetrate a bit into His armor and shows a little more feeling.
    The Hot parts deserve prominence for those who enjoy an almost submission and a good alpha male controller and feared ..... It was pure delight.
    The part of the suspense about who killed Avery's mother and who started to unleash the family's destruction is that it was impeccable, the writer managed to make  me see the game in front of me all the tension of the players, the movement of the pieces on the board and The expectation of victory that has not yet been fulfilled.
    I loved the cover so very much, perfect for the book.
    Skye Warren was fantastic in her analogies with Helen of Trojan having even introduced the timing of the Trojan horse and also using Alice in Wonderland and Sesame Street. Other than that the way she shows the choice of the chess piece that represents this book was very good.

    "My Knight in dark armor"

    4/5 stars.Kisses, Myl

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