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  • The Bartender # ARC Review


    Who knew sleeping with the enemy could be this fun? 

    Was the one night stand a good idea?
    Well, no. Probably not in retrospect.

    In my defense I had just moved back into my grandparent’s house, I’d lost my dream job, and a guy on Tinder had stood me up. It was like life had suddenly stamped ‘LOSER’ on my forehead.

    So when the guy behind the bar started giving me THE look…you know, the one that promised I’d be screaming his name into the wee hours of the morning? When that guy also has the perfect amount of scruff on his chiseled chin, biceps bulging out of his t-shirt, and a cocky grin you knew he’d earned in the sack…when he gives you that look, you don’t bother to figure out what your six degrees of separation are. You jump on that horse and ride it!

    Pun fully and completely intended. And accurate by the way.

    I fully admit to feeling sorry for myself and acting impulsively, but by the time I’d figured out WHO the bartender was, I was already falling for him.

    Genre Romantic Comedy
    249 pages

    Modern Love Book 1

    " May we get what we want. May we get what we need. But may we never get what we deserve. "


    Look! Imagine a person who needs a crazy romantic comedy to laugh a lot ... 
    Well it was me ...
    Imagine now for the person who is a super fan of pop music and who already begins the book with one of  protagonist 's friends so very happy:

    "A huge grin spreads across Tahlia's face and she's thirteen years old and just faded out that one direction just got back together."

    and ends with :

    " Can't keep my hands to myself, "I sing in the same melody as Selena Gomes's song."

    I can't keep my hands so far away from this book....Pure love !!!!!

    So I started the book with a big smile on me face just like Tahlia, the smile that remained during most of the reading because this book not only have fun moments but very sweets too.

    " Where are your scars, Whit? I want to see them. "He runs his nose along my own. " All of them."

    The book is narrated by Whitney, a girl who returns home after having sex with the wrong person and being fired. She is a fairly independent woman, but has low self-esteem, extremely sweet and who has serious problems in trusting people except her grandmother and grandfahter and her friends Lennon and Tahlia. Think of a trio of friends that each one is totally different from the other,  these three who will have their stories and love and adventures told in this series.

    Cole is one of those hot guys who just looked at the girl, she already melted all over and was no different with Whitney, what she did not expect was to live so many adventures and disasters with this bartender. He does everything to provoke Whit's poor and she does everything to try to live with him without jumping around his neck and tearing off his clothes all the time. But he is also so kind and very protective. I almost stole him for me. 
    Almost.... (husband can't hear that )

    " I feel him before I smell him. I smell him before I hear him. I hear him before I see him."
    He is in everywhere...OMG....

    The book is super funny having the right dose of Hot, comedy and romance scenes full of musical references. The writer managed to pass so much feeling through each scene that made me twist a lot for the moment the two declared themselves. This moment was so beautiful and sighing that I'm in the clouds so far and already anxious for book 2.

    What I found interesting were the messages passed by the writer through the book, very subtle details that made all the difference in the plot, such as forgiveness, friendship, loyalty, love of the family, how should we not get carried away by first impression or Rancor, as well as affection for the animals and another strong theme that I can not speak about because it would spoiler.

    And for ending everything  very well Piper Rayne write with so much passion and make me love the couple. 

    Highly recommended!
    5 out of 5 stars

    Kisses, Myl

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