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  • Quietly Making Noise # ARC Review


    Elio is seductive, gallant, connoisseur of his power of attraction, juggler, street artist, a free spirit that aims to achieve all his dreams and conquer the stars along with his friends Dylan and Annie, but has a great pain of the past that He tries in every way to escape seeing the hometown of Key West as a prison. Island where his mother lives and one of his best friends Owen.

    Vianella, a gentle and sweet girl, also has a sadness of the past, she also escaped her pain and went in the opposite way of Elio finding in Key West the much needed restart, going to the island to help her cousin and his son Both deaf and in need of female support in their lives.

    Now imagine a free spirit finding the beauty of a flower well attached to the earth .... It can only generate many doubts and questions as to whether the path is really right, is not it?
    And that's how Elio saw his life transformed.

    "How, for an instant, my heart wanted ... more."

    Although this plot is narrated in first person by both Elio and Vianella, I knew in this book all the characters that will complete this series so different from everything I've read. I fell in love with each of them, especially Elio's parents who For me  were the great example of true love and family love lovingly embraced these young people so different and so similar to each other.

    The book begins by showing the rebellious and adventurous spirit of the three teenage friends Elio, Owen and Dylan and how thanks to the right help at the right time, they have managed to put their lives on the track.

    With poetic and engaging writing, Yessi Smith brought me to the world of street artists and simple people who struggle day by day for their place in the sun. Without great pretensions to moral lessons, it shows how we human beings are flawed, how we must open our eyes to everything in front of us and how we always deserve many second chances.

    She knew how to lead this love story with mastery, showing how little by little both Elio and Vianella were overcoming their pains and finding in each other the support and the exact freedom they needed to exorcise their demons and seek true happiness.

    She also used many symbolisms such as storms, adventures and birds to convey her message about the moments of pain, anguish and joy of the characters which only made me feel even more drawn to the plot.

    I loved very, very much .... passionatly  ..... I just could not favourite because I did not agree with the repetition in some scenes of a certain attitude of these friends that I even understand happening through all their lifestyle and everything else , But I found it unnecessary to give a certain emphasis to this fact and also to a detail in the explanation of Elio's point of conflict.
    Anyway ... not even those details ruined my love for the message and the whole plot.

    Funny that I received this book to review by mistake, because I had not felt very attracted by the cover at beggining, but I say to you I have not regretted nor at least to have given a chance to it and I think it is to be reading obligator for all that wish to learn to Achieve your dreams.
    4/5 stars.

    Kisses, Myl

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