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  • Making Faces by Amy Harmon


    Stagnate or venture out?

    Always venture out, even if it sometimes causes you to suffer .....

    This is undoubtedly one of the best books I have ever read in my life. Not only for all the plot that is strong and very well built, but also for all the references used by the writer to bring to life wonderful and captivating characters.
    After all, who does not love Beauty and the Beast, Cyrano de Bergerac, The Wizard of Oz and Shakespeare? There's no way you can not fall in love, can you?

    "Books allow people to be who they want to be, to escape from themselves for a while."

    The synopsis focused on the figures of the protagonists Fern and Ambrose and forgot to mention the character who truly stole the scene: Fern's cousin Bailey , boy who has an illness since childhood that blocks the movements of his muscles and  is  so very  beautiful more than words could talk. Thanks to  wisdom of this being of light the main characters could live a beautiful story of love and overcoming.

    Fern is a shy girl, that was a true Ugly Duckling, with her vibrant hair, metallic smile, glasses, body without curves and sweet attitudes,  with so much affection and dedication takes care of her cousin Bailey and nourishes a platonic love for Ambrose.

    Ambrose, by contrast, is the most popular boy in town, all because of his beauty and strength. Always being compared to the greek hero Hercules. Rejected by his mother and raised by his stepfather, he ends up feeling overwhelmed by the pressure to always be the perfect guy and that is what makes him make a decision that will change his life forever.

    Bailey is a joyful boy who did not let his illness destroy his light, also takes care of his cousin with all the strength of his pure and loving heart and conquers all around him with his joy and optimism, he just could not conquer who he most dreamed of having In his arms. It's impossible not to fall in love with him and not want to be #teambailey for the rest of my life. He brought an injection of hope and courage into my heart even though it made me suffer so much.

    The book brings all the adventures and anguish lived by these three characters who have known each other since childhood, telling in poetic and romance how their lives are intertwined and will always be to eternity. And it's that literary dream of living with those characters that Amy Harmon brought to my reality.

    My heart ended radiantly this reading that was so well narrated in the third person in a fluid and fast, showing how it is possible to see beyond appearances, as always with the right support people can overcome the adversities and how beautiful is true love.


    The first cover is fantastic and passes well the message of anguish and pain of the character,  but the birthday cover shows a Fern so well represented that I did not resist and bought it too.

    6/ 5 stars
    Kisses, Myl

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