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    You know those people who feel like they own the world and are full of themselves because a lot of people care about their opinion? This is Courtney. A girl who does not think twice before posting her thoughts on the blog even though it hurts the people around her. She has not been able to do well lately in any relationship and uses her own experiences to advise the girls on her blog. Until find....

    Carter is a New York playboy who's just arrived in San Diego with a heartbroken because his fiancee left him. He blames Courtney for believing that she put thoughts into the ex's head and when he finds Courtney ball up a plan to take revenge on both.

    You can imagine what can come out of this revenge, right? Lots of romantic scenes and delicacies.

    The book has several funny moments, especially those involving puppy and the FAST FIVE of the blog, but I found the final message that was very serious and interesting for those who believe that should expose their opinion without thinking twice in the virtual world without With the consequences.

    Being narrated only by Courtney gives that feeling of journaling and I was seeing little by little following the maturation of her and how she realized that she had to be careful with the feeling of the people. And also when she realizes how she is demanding behavior from people being that she herself was not acting like that. I swear I've never been so upset with a protagonist like I was annoyed at Courtney. The girl is egocentric in the extreme and think she is still right because she helps some charity groups and has her voice heard throughout the world.

    The book has a good plot with a flowing writing and made me super curious to know how it would undo the nonsense she made, just got a bit repetitive more forward after the intrigue happens.

    Little spoiler :
    What I liked the most is that unlike most books, this one the girl acts wrong and still feels right and makes the guy suffer a lot.

     I'm #teamcarter forever and ever ....

    I loved the ending and as it says in the synopsis special highlight for Axel, boyfriend  of Courtney's best friend , who is a cute dude and was the key piece in the story.

    "It's hard to see beyond your own pain."

    4/5 stars
    Kisses, Myl

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