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  • Worth the Wait in english

    Look! I just took a punch in the stomach. I'm out of breath, bent over on the floor or the floorless truely with pain radiating all over my body and a sense of awesome vulnerability. I do not even know how I'm going to talk about this book that just came in like someone who does not want anything and stole my heart.

    I start by explaining that I got the book because of this cover, I did not read the synopsis, I just looked at this face so soft, with a conquering smile and a look of surprise and I was hooked, but later I talk about it, let's go to the book .....

    A great lesson about how true and pure love can withstand the most intense pains and the most complex torments.

    Nick Walker suddenly saw his whole life collapse when, at the age of nineteen, he lost his parents in a car accident. With a strong and protective personality, he takes on the responsibility of raising his 4 brothers: Luke, the twins Dallas and Zach, and  little Hannah, who is only 2 years old (the protagonist of book 2 of the previous series, Brothers McKinney).
    Without wanting to leave school, he takes Hannah to daycare there, but the girl doesn't want to stay and is weeping for him. As his teacher allows him to accompany her brother in class, he begins to carry his backpack, her bottle and her bag of supplies on one side, and her sister on the other, in a sudden movement, knocks down everything .... .and as well as movie scene .....

    A helping hand, ready to help him organize this whole mess, he just did not imagine that she could really organize the mess that became his life literally. And as a movie scene, the spark of an out-of-the-ordinary love appears...

    Mia never imagined that her life would be so affected by helping a young man with a beautiful little girl recover his belongings, but since that day her life would never be the same. Sweet, dedicated, determined, extremely thoughtful, she left her parents and her comfort zone to start her studies toward the dream of being a doctor and it was in this scenario that Nick and Hannah take charge of her life.

    Narrated in third person, the book alternately shows present and past this long and passionate journey towards the Happily Ever After. But as nothing comes easy in life, this couple will go through many trials. It was a rather dense reading of tearing through the heart with several soft, sighing moments to compensate and help me move on.
    Beginning the plot in the present where the couple is eleven years apart, the writer builds a great suspense to reveal what happened to them in almost twelve years of relationship and after another tragedy plagues Nick's life and how he turns after that. She goes, step by step, making us meet the couple and see how the connection between them is strong, but always with that doubt in the background:

    How could such a beautiful love be destroyed? Why did they split up? Eleven years? Really? It's a long time....

    So I was sucked into this story, thrilled with every revelation, wearing Mia's shirt and almost going into the book to give Nick a very good beating.
    No longer a simple book on second chances, it is a shake of concepts and feelings where the characters slowly realize that life is worth living together and begin to feel each other's pain on the skin and see how they have made mistakes in the past And how they need to turn the page to achieve the Gran Finale. It's amazing the scene where Mia realizes the greatness of what Nick lived and felt and can feel his pain on her skin. And even more impressive was to see Nick feel the deep loneliness that Mia was in and want to win back the girl anyway.
    Very beautiful the way the two take towards reconciliation.

    Think of a beautiful book full of strong messages and effect phrases ready to get you off the axis?
    It is what you will find in this beautiful love story where Nick finally realizes how privileged he was when he came across a perfect angel who fell from the sky in his arms more than once and that this angel not only modified his life but also help that of his brothers don't collapse completely.

    I just do not hated it with 5 stars because I can not stand long passages and find it absurd, they're separated for eleven years after everything they've been through. Anyway .....
    4/5 stars.

    And without forgetting to talk about the cover, I could only understand why choosing a lightweight Nick for such a heavy plot after arriving at the end and realizing that it has everything to do with the message that the book wants to convey.

    Highly recommended ....
    Kisses, Myl

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