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  • Safe Bet in english

    At Safe Bet, she introduced me to cute football player Wade who is starting out on the same team as Drew (the protagonist of One Weekend Girlfriend) and because of this and the friendship of years with Fable, he is always at Drew's house. Drew welcomes Wade with open arms and makes sure the boy is always at his house just to talk, vent or hear advice . On one of those visits, Wade meets Sydney, a nanny newly hired by the family to help Fable in the difficult task of raising two cute and funny children .

    Gradually, Wade's constant presence in the house makes Sydney pay more attention to him and him to her, but the two do not want and can not get involved in relationships. By irony of fate, in one of the times when they all go out together, the paparazzi take a number of pictures of Drew with Sydney and start rumors that the two are together.

    As it says in the synopsis, Fable who loves to play the cupid, has the idea of ​​having Wade and Sydney have a fake relationship to mislead the press.
    You've seen where that's going to stop?
    They are a bit embarrassed to accept because they feel debtors of the couple, what they did not count on is that this approach lead them straight into each other's arms.

    The book has a very smooth and flowing narrative, the story does not have any great drama and the way the writer creates the connection between them is so interesting that I could not drop the book until I knew the whole story.
    The children are cute, especially Autumn that in a part of the book helps the couple giving almost a shower in Wade, leaving the poor dude all wet.
    Can you imagine a gorgeous, wonderful guy all muscular with his wet shirt? Hummmm .... a treat .... because it is Sydney liked too ...
    The hot scenes are an attraction to share and filled with chilling elements .... Loved it!

    Both Wade and Sydney are living a moment of low self-esteem and are super deprived of love of all kinds type, family love, love of friends, attention and affection ... They were just needing someone to improve and give a Injection of courage into their lives and it's cute to see when they realize they can help each other.

    The book is a great reading hangover cure, I just did not give a high rate  because I expected a better closure for Sydney's professional life and it frustrated me a bit, but otherwise reading is highly recommended.

    I almost forgot to talk about the cover with this almost kissing starter of sighs and the title that combine very well with the plot.

    4/5 stars

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