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  • Peaces of Heaven in english

    Mick was denied by his father and saw his mother dying of an overdose. He  always had a life of his own and before he became a problem dude, his neighbor who practically raised him, she enrolled him in the Police Academy. Then he becoming a tough and determined cop. But Always felling lonely.
    "Dark, dark as my soul, dark as my life."
    Marissa is a mother who had her life destroyed by getting involved with the wrong guy. She was forced to work as a stripper after he leaves several gambling debts to her. Battling and warrior does everything to show Lori that one should fight worthily for life.
    When Mick and his partner (protagonist of book 1) receive the case of the disappearance of Lori, daughter of Marissa, they think it is an escape because Lori had quarreled with her mother one day before disappearing . In the course of the investigation other girls of the same range of age as Lori starts to disappear too and in a similar way to her ,but no clue as to where Lori may appear but her sporadic phone calls. The case is going to be very complicated.
    At first I did not like the romance very much because I found the approach of Marissa and Mick a bit forced and meaningless, I was already discouraged. As the story progressed, I became embroiled in each other's dramas and the story of the secondary characters as well, highlighting here for Lilah, the stepdaughter of Mick's partner. So cute! True point of light in the darkness of the plot.Thank God, I was slowly getting stuck in the book wondering what had happened to Lori because they did not find the girl and because other strange situations happened to the characters. I caught myself cheering a lot for the couple to find their piece of paradise, as both they and Lori suffered too much, they deserved it.
    The book features an intricate network of prostitution, drugs, money and power showered with a good suspense that made me feel distressed at every strange noise I heard in my house.Every time I thought there was going to be some strange face in front of me or something very bad would happen in the book.Too good !
    Now hoping for the next book in the series to be about Lori.
    4/5 stars.Kisses, Myl

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