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  • Hollywood Prince review in english

    After the death of Brandon, her middle brother, and the separation of her parents, Amelia is practically compelled to please her father doing everything he plans for her life until the day she meets ex Her brother in a nightclub in New York where she is having a blind date with football player Landon.
    The girl believes that she must kiss several frogs until she finds her Prince Charming.
    The encounter is even happening, however, when Vanessa appears in front of her and makes bombastic revelations about her family, Amelia sees no alternative but to go after her older brother and confront him to tell the truth.

    Landon is super-gentil and helps Amelia buy the ticket to California and takes care of her  since the girl has a huge hangover.

    Upon arriving at Cam's house, Amelia finds no one but Brooklyn . He sees her at the porch of Cam's house and realizes that she is very drunk, taking her to his house..

    Hmmm ..... Have you seen what comes next ???????

    Thing would not be well the term and yes many things .... hehehehehehe ..... many things hot ..... many things EXTREMELY hots ....

    The two have known each other since childhood and now the reunion ignites a flame of irresistible passion between them, but nothing is so simple, as both fear Cam's reaction because he is extremely protective and Brooklyn doesn't want to lose his friendship. As Cam is traveling with his bride and a couple of friends, Amelia and Brooklyn end up getting closer than they wanted.

    What was that book? For the love of God!!!

    The writer managed to drive me crazy with the scenes in which the protagonists do everything to avoid giving themselves to passion without success, culminating in an extremely sensual situation of voyeurism that left me shivering to the soul.

    But not only of  callientes scenes develops the book, the writer manages to make their friendship grow through the dream of each one: he dreams of being a screenwriter  and she dreams of leaving the job in the company of her father and dedicate her life to take pictures.
    It's lovely to see Amelia's care for the Fangirl manuscript that Brooklyn filed for not liking her mother but that made the girl identify with the main character and help Brooklyn rewrite the text.

    In the midst of this, the couple have to deal with her brother, if he sneaks in addition to all Amelia's doubts about who is her prince :  Landon, Mr .Right  or Brooklyn, Mr Oh-so -wrong .

    The book is a lesson about maturing, growing, and how we need to face challenges to find happiness. All of that stuffed with references to movies and fairy tales and scenes beyond well described sex .... a lot of sign sex  ...... an explosion of sensuality!

    Amelia is so cute, super loving,  with a  big heart  always willing to forgive and love. Even in all her confusion in which her life was thrown, she managed to turn around and still help Brooklyn rediscover himself and realize all the good things in front of him.

    I loved too much the title of each chapter that is the name of a film and the way the writer  explains the choice in the course of the chapter.
    I loved the relationship of strong friendship that unites Cam, Amelia, Makayla, Maggie, Keen and Brooklyn.
    I loved the way the writer made me curious about the next book that will be the story of Chase, a friend of Brooklyn, who had his heart broken in this book.

    5/5 stars

    Kisses, Myl

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