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  • For Finlay review in english

    Finlay has always felt alive in the shadow of  her twin  Cole. After his death, she begins to work on the team he trained to try to make up for the guilty feeling that haunts her life. She's a tough, serious,  and so sweet girl. She hates with all her strength, Caden Brooks.

    Caden Brooks is at the peak of professional success, has all the girls at his feet and a bright future. Loyal, struggling and passionate about challenges, he sees Finlay as the ideal girl to test him to the limit and does not understand why she despises him so much.

     .... of course we know that the line between love and hate is very tenuous and both Caden and Finlay will learn together to overcome their differences  to see beyond appearances and find the strength to forgive.

    "After believing   lies, forgiveness wasn't easy."

    The book has a fluid and sexy story that caught me and made me devour the book to try to understand what was afflicting Finlay and how Cole died because the writer does not explain it right away. Alternating moments of Finlay's past with the present, the first-person narration of both Finlay and Caden led me slowly to understand the reason for their attitudes.

    " And making new memories didn't mean replacing the old ones."

    The two live like cat and mouse, which brought lightness to the plot that in no time was heavy even with the mourning and the feeling of guilt prowling the chapters. The challenges that each of them makes for each other are very fun and I find myself laughing in many situations.


    Highlight for Caden's teammates, Forester and Grady and Finlay's best friend, Sabrina. These ones deserves more stories and I'm hoping for each one  have a book full of love and humor like that was for them too.

    I loved this cover full of affection and showing very well the importance of Caden's protective figure in Finlay's life.

    4,5/5 stars.
    Highly recommended.
    Kisses, Myl

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