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  • Dying Wish in english

    This is not a simple story about soul mates, about fate or about surprises that transform lives. This is the story of  teens determined to conquer their place in the world and follow their passion, what moves their hearts even if they are shattered.

    It will be very difficult to do this review considering the size of the synopsis and where any small detail that I comment on will be a spoiler, so I will try to be as clear and succinct as possible for you to realize the depth and beauty of this story.

    Although the writer divided the book into two parts, I clearly saw three-thirds straight.

     - Stage of presentation of the characters, characterizing them, the Princess, the Transgressor, the Perfect Face and the Popular Face. I loved too much the nicknames of each character and the explanation for each one of them. I felt at school with my class and all those hormones in the boil, the teachers and their demands. Life runs to each of them in a normal way for adolescence, school, family, friends, doubts, dreams and discoveries. Here the writer is giving discreet evidence of what lies ahead, just look closely at the details and the lines between.

    - Tearful phase, when everything that seemed perfectly fit and well programmed undoes showing well the strength and determination of each character. She again posts messages between the lines to show how you want to close the story. Every scene in this part is so romantic and well-made that you can not cry ... and I cried a lot in passing. Each moment is so real, unique, and so specially shared between them that I have been able to live it all along with the characters.

    - Sighing phase where the characters barely matured and had enough strength to know how to do good to others, to turn around and achieve - even in a way they did not expect - to live their Happily Ever After.

    Did you get an idea of how beautiful the book is? How come not? Well ! Since I was very technical in the explanation because I do not want you to miss the surprises that the book brings. I understand you.
    Want to face the challenge of discovering?
    Sit on the porch with a chocolate box, a tissue box and a glass of water. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in this inspiring story.

    Despite having a strong plot, the writer was able to show in a light and passionate way how important it is to enjoy every second of life in the best possible way. It made it much easier to be told in the first person, because I could feel on the skin what the characters were going through and how they were facing everything that was presented to them.

    I found it interesting to find out you're an Australian writer. I do not think I've ever read anything about it. She has a clear writing that focuses on the book style to think about the value we give to life and full of phrases of effect. I liked too much to notice certain mannerisms, I like to know other cultures through books.

    What about that cover? It combines a lot with everything the book wants to convey .... Great! That even in the deepest sorrow we can lift our faces and see the light, the joy through the obstacles that try to hide it. ....
    And you are in order to have a preview of what the book is like? See the trailer that is in the Release post.

    Just not favorite because some thoughts I found repetitive both in the first part as in the third, could have suppressed so the book did not stay so long. I'm sure the message would be captured in the same way. Even so.....

    Highly recommended. 4/5 stars
    Kisses, Myl

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