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  • Dear Life in english

    Dear Life,
                      I've always wondered why life seems so simple to some people and so complicated to others because some suffer so much and others just seem to live in paradise. But it does not exist, does it? We all have our own crosses, we have to exorcise our own demons. The way each person faces their life challenge  is different. Sometimes I sit and think about how everything has a purpose and that it is often difficult to look at a problem and see something good coming out of that situation.
                      I always want to imagine that everything will be solved and I will triumphantly leave that battle, but it is not easy to learn to live again.
                     What have I done to prove my existence?
                      I don't relay know but now i want to discover.
                      Sincerely, Mylena

    I accompanied the life journey of four people:

    - Hollyn lives inside her shell, mulling her self-pity after a tragic event seems to have stolen her future. Lives forever fighting with Carter, his co-worker and now a therapy colleague.

    - Daisy always lived under her grandmother's shield. Since she was very young, she was educated at home and did not have the chance to have friends or boyfriends. Having to face the world for the first time alone finds herself struggling with the fear of a New Life.

    "I am a hermit, a soul lost in a modernized sea of ​​civilization."

    - Jace is a rising baseball star, everything goes wonderfully until an event causes him to plunge into guilt and remorse.

    "Life is not a walk in a park where you can make wishes to a dandelion."

    - Carter is the angry guy with everything and who thinks that nothing works for him, had a complicated childhood and adolescence, ends up closing to the world believing that he was not born to be happy.

    "Do you want to make me as miserable as possible?"

    With several references to films and series and in a light but also dramatic way with touches of romance and humor, the writer led me to rethink in my own life by accompanying the pain of each character and their struggle to move on.

    It was so delightful to see the naive Daisy conquer her independence, the serious Hollyn face her past, the sweet and needy Jace build with many tears exactly the life he wanted for himself and the sullen Carter come out of his state of eternal rage and fight for that Which he never thought he deserved.

    I knew this writer for her romantic comedies and I was surprised by this book, where she shows that she is able to write a drama filled with phrases of effect, bringing many reflections on life. The book is an ode to beginnings, second chances and overcoming.

    I loved that overdose of love and care that the cover conveys.
    I loved a priceless scene in which Daisy and her grandmother talk about the book and the film 50 Shades of Grey.
    I loved very much to follow the evolution of the letters of each character for Dear Life and especially the last letter of the book.
    5/5 stars
    Kisses, myl

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