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  • Where Nothing ill can dwell (in english)

    This is a Shakespeare's adaption from The Tempest , Crista McGugh presents a science fiction in a post-chaos world worthy of this great British playwright.

    Dr. Prospero was banned from the NAPLES  ,space station , to a remote area of ​​Bard Nebula because of a false accusation of his brother Antonio without receiving any chance to defend himself on the part of Admiral Santos. For fifteen years, she has orchestrated her revenge and now stands the chance to teach everyone a lesson, so she will take the chance to see her enemy's son on her hand.
    Miranda is a girl who has grown isolated, dreamy, sweet, extremely obedient and loyal, and sees her world turn 360 ° when she meets Ferdinand, a young rebel and adventurer caught in the solar storm created by ARIEL (ADVANCE RESPONSE INTELLIGENCE ENGINEERED), an advanced form of Artificial intelligence that was programmed by dr. Prospero to do good without looking at whom.

    Dr. Maria Prospero has a new plan in realizing all those who have landed on her planet, making Miranda fall in love with Ferdinand (which is not at all difficult since they fall in love at first sight) and show Admiral Santos all the facets of those who do not struggle to rise to power , Just did not expect his slave Caliban (former warrior of the TUNIS people) also to take this chance to take revenge on her. Even in the face of this, she takes advantage of the event and reverses it in favor of her plan.
    The woman is a genius!

    The book is very well written and at various times I could perceive the Shakespearean touch of subtly and enigmatically presenting all human emotions and yearnings. I did not read the original of this specific work but I read Midsummer Night's Dream which for me is constructed similarly to The Tempest, having several storytellers presenting the story in a continuous timeline with a background romance plunging in compassion and guilt.

    In Where Nothing Ill Can Dwell, we have the points of view of Miranda, Ferdinand, Ariel and Caliban which generates more suspense  about the intentions and modus operandi of dr. Prospero.

    "Because without pain, there is no pleasure."

    The cover shows exactly the growth and maturation of Miranda as a person and even continuing to dreamy keeps her feet on the ground.

    "Mom was in danger, and it was all my fault."

    Ferdinand also matures to the joy of his father and realizes the importance of the father in his life.

    "Dad, this is Miranda, my angel of light during these dark days."

    Even Ariel begins to understand the emotions that love causes in people and grows as well.

    " I could not wait to see what new wonders lay ahead"

    I met this writer before reading her books at the RT  2015 and became a fan of her writing while reading the Keller Brothers series, this work only made me realize all her versatility and increase my passion for her.
    Kisses, Myl

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