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  • I Flipping Love You #sneak peek

    Who's ready for some angry hot guy?

    I am SO thrilled to be able to share the first chapter of I FLIPPING LOVE YOU with all of you.
    I loved writing the banter between these characters and I can't wait to share this couple with you next month! 
    I FLIPPING LOVE YOU is a complete standalone. If you've reading Hooking Up, there will be easter eggs for you (little nods to the characters in that story since Pierce is Amalie's brother) but Pierce and Rian's relationship isn't intertwined with the characters from the Shacking Up world, so you can enjoy this completely on it's own.

    Chapter 1
    Angry Hot Guy

    Tinfoil Heart #release giveaway

    Today we are sharing the release of TINFOIL HEART by Daisy Prescott. Tinfoil Heart is a Romantic Comedy, standalone title. Check out the buy links below and a chance to win a signed paperback and a Tinfoil Heart box of fun!

    Love at Last #resenha ARC Review

    How many times can you be unlucky in love before you decide it's not luck, it's you? 

    With her ex-groom's words, I'm in love with someone else, still ringing in her ears, Clare Franklin flies off alone to her would-be honeymoon. Forced to accept not everyone gets that happily ever after she's always dreamed of, she's done with men. Until she gets tangled up, quite literally, with one sexy veterinarian.

    The only thing Dr Deacon Montgomery wants is to share his surgical expertise and get back to his two year old twin daughters. But, the connection he feels with Clare highlights just how alone he really is and makes him wonder if he can be more than doctor and daddy.

    Long talks and moonlit walks under the rustle of palms has Clare thinking maybe she gave up on love too soon. Until one phone call from home changes everything.


    Love at Last #Release

    Title: Love at Last
    Author: Claudia Connor
    Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
    Release Date: April 24, 2018


    All new romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Claudia Connor…

    Frete Gratis Amazon


    Celebrando a Leitura
    O Dia Mundial do Livro, 23 de Abril, foi oficializado pela UNESCO por ser o dia em que Miguel de Cervantes e William Shakespeare faleceram, bem como a data de nascimento de Maurice Druon e Vladimir Nabokov.

    Junte-se à Amazon para comemorar e aproveite uma semana com diversos descontos.

    Boa leitura! 📚

    Clique aqui para aproveitar estas ofertas